Online registration

A user can register his team directly from the website by selecting the appropriate season and its corresponding subcategory.

Payment processing

As part of the registration process, the user can be requested to pay for their transaction by selecting either the credit card option or the check option. The administrator can subsequently track all payments in the "back end" of the system.


Create game schedules based on several factors, even taking into consideration teams' availabilities! Each subcategory is independent and can be customized by the administrator to have a different number of games, prices and rules.


Record player and team statistics right at the game level! Individual player statistics and team rankings can then be automatically presented on the website.

Scoring system

Use multiple scoring systems across leagues and categories! Whether you favor a standard scoring system, a participative scoring system or a customized system, you'll have the freedom to choose what fits your league best.

Availability of infrastructures

Your building is your biggest investment, so we let you decide how you make it available to the public for different events. You can setup different prices for different times throughout the day, week or month, thereby maximizing your return on investment.

Content Management

Use the CMS-style layout to manage your website's Banners, News, Polls, Multimedia and more. Let clients know about important updates and receive feedback from your customers to ensure that your business runs economically and effectively.


Whatever your sport, you can use our software to improve your management. We can develop bespoke features that meet the needs of your organization.

Creations services

GCE Sports has a team of highly creative designers. You can count on us to create a dynamic image of your company.


The GCE Sports network and its partners join hundreds of thousands of consumers every week. Now it's easier than ever to reach your target audience. We have the package that you need.


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